Minimum of 5 feet per order. 


What is MDPC-X

You can think of MPDC-X as a denser Techflex and is also made of PET. Also a replacement for paracord.

This is the small XTC size which has a range of 2mm to 4mm.

How to Double Sleeve

You will need clear heat shrink and a lighter to double sleeve with MDPC-X. You will need to overlay a small amount of clear heat shrink over the end of the sleeving and use a lighter to melt the sleeving to the wire. This whole process only takes a couple of seconds and is very easy to do.

Solo Sleeve

You can sleeve your USB cables with MDPC-X only just like paracord. If you're on a budget, solo sleeving MDPC-X is a great option. Paracord has a tendency to fray when it's used alone which doesn't happen to MDPC-X.


We only stock colors that match our coiled cable group buys. This is so we don't have a huge stockpile of inventory. There will be more colors available when more group buys take place.



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