MOQ of 250 per set

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Lead time
The following is the estimated time it will take the manufacturer to ship out the keycaps. This does not include shipping time from the manufacturer to me and from me to you.
  • Blank Keycaps will take about 1 month
  • Keycaps with lettering will take 3 months

Side Lettering
I wasn't able to get a lettered sample for about another month so I decided to start the group buy as planned instead of waiting. This is so we don't use up a month's time waiting for a sample rather than having keycaps produced. If you are wondering how the side lettering will look like here is a page dedicated to that.

International Shipping
POM keycaps will be available to everyone around the world. However, I will not be using international vendors for the first wave of stock and will be looking into them for restocks.

  • Compatible with Cherry MX Stems
  • Made of POM
  • Keycap thickness of 1mm
  • OEM Profile

Bottom Row Mods Included in Every Set
  • 7u and 6.25u Spacebar
  • 1.75u Right Shift
  • 2.25u and 2.75u
  • 4x 1.5u
  • 4x 1u
  • 2x 2u
  • 7x 1.25u

What Is a Group Buy?

A Group Buy is where you pay UPFRONT for a product that is MANUFACTURED AND DELIVERED LATER. This can also be referred to as a pre-order. The delivery date estimate is available in the lead time section of this description. In addition, it can allow hobbyists to buy products that are unique and not available in any retail store.