Group Buy Ends 9/24/2020

Only 100 Cables Available

1/2in Inner Coil Diameter

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Q: How long will the lead time be? Lead time will be about 3 1/2 weeks in total starting at 9/18/20 no matter when you ordered. The bulk of the lead time will be the actual cerakoting of YC8's which takes about 3 weeks.

Q: How will the packaging be?
The cables will be packed inside a 10x7x1.5in box so the coil isn't curved during shipping and all the parts of the cable will be wrapped in foam.

Q: Do you do commisions or other colors? We will not be doing commisions and will isntead focus on doing monthly releases of different themes.

Q: Are you just going to sell cables? Depending on how well this release goes we will be venturing into different avenues such as keyboards, lube, apparel, mouse pads, custom switches, and more.

Q: Are you going to cerakote YC8s in different colors? Yes, we plan to have a new YC8 color out each month along with our themed cable. However, we aren't sure if we want to sell them separately.

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