Group Buy Ends 6/19/21

Only 25 Cables Available

1/2in Inner Coil Diameter

Discord for updates and future releases.


  • MDPC-X and Techflex double sleeving
  • Cerakoted Matte Black YC8
  • Black Inner Cable
  • USB-C to USB-A (DM for Mini USB)

Q: How long will the lead time be? 25 cables will take about 1 month to fully complete the group buy. However, cables will be shipped when they are individually finished. 

Q: How will the packaging be?
 The cables will be packed inside a 10 x 7x 2in box so the coil isn't curved during shipping and all the parts of the cable will be wrapped in foam.

Q: Do you do commissions or other colors? I will not be doing commissions and will instead focus on doing releases of different themes.